Our menu focuses on the concept of small courses that best express the seasonal creativity of our chef Orlando Giordan. In this way we are able to offer the best local products, carefully prepared in keeping with the

  • "Zero meters" concept (a good part of the products are grown and processed by ourselves),
  • “Slow” (low temperature and vacuum cooking).
  • "Experience" (we have been working in the kitchen for 40 years now, passing through France, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia).
  • "Emotion" is a word that for us means transmitting our values ​​in a food, bringing our vitality and joviality to the table.
  • Respect for nature” is a concept that involves us seriously and honestly. All our productions are seasonal, with a great reduction in waste (we come from South America, where hunger still kills today) and the recovery of ancient culinary practices that enhance the food as a whole