In the uncontaminated green of Tuscany, on the hills that go up the bank of the Sieve river and that spreads over 650 hectares, the Colognole farm is a country estate that releases history and beauty.

Owned by the Conti Spalletti Trivelli family and managed by Orlando Giordan and Ana D’Andrea, the Borgo in Colognole consists of a late 16th century villa (Villa Fattoria) and various farmhouses, between them easily reachable on foot, completely renovated with particular care in respect of the style and elegance of the typical Tuscan architecture to ensure the most unforgettable and comfortable stay for guests in the sweet Chianti Rufina hills. Each farmhouse has its own name (Mago,Fata, Maggetto ecc..).

The restaurant Il Borgo In Colognole, the outdoor swimming pool, the delicately decorated suites,
visits to vineyards and cellars, with tasting of great wines of Chianti Rufina Docg and
extra virgin olive oil, guided with professionalism and passion by the owners, will make your stay unique.